Technology at ITW.

The ability to invent, envision, and create something new is central to ITW’s longevity and profitable growth. Our innovation is “80/20 enabled,” meaning that we draw deep insights from our key customer relationships, and then focus our efforts on designing and patenting new products and components that solve their specific challenges. Encouraging new ideas – whether they come from engineers, chemists, or other members of the ITW team – and providing a supportive, entrepreneurial framework, has produced ITW’s strong culture of sustainable differentiation through innovation.

Global leader in sealant development!

ITW Global Tire Repair holds the position as the absolute global leader in tire repair products and holds patents for the use of Glycerin as an antifreeze agent in tire sealants. The sealant is a specially formulated blend of environmentally friendly polymers and proprietary congealing agents.

The advanced solution remains liquid in the tire. When evenly distributed through rotation, the molecules create friction as it squeezes through the newly formed puncture destabilizing the latex and propelling the rubber to bond and form a mechanical plug.

Features and benefits

Multi-use air compressor - In addition to temporary repair, compressor can be used for topping off tire pressure and inflating bike tires, rafts, and other inflatables.
Selectable function modes - Offers both air and temporary repair capability with dedicated hoses.
Built in pressure gauge - Accurately measure and monitor your tire pressure as maintenance or during repair.
Replaceable sealant bottle - Enables temporary repair of additional tires with replacement of the sealant cartridge.
Pressure adjustment - Yellow pressure button provides capability to fine tune air pressure.
Inflator adaptors - Allows for airing up of bike tires and other inflatables.