A perfect solution

Automotive engineers are under increasing pressure to meet stringent regulatory requirements including aggressive program weight and cost targets. For over 2 decades, ITW has introduced alternative solutions to the spare tire that have been adopted by leading global OEM auto manufacturers to address these objectives.

Recognizing less than 50% of the population today is physically incapable of changing a spare tire and only 29% has ever changed a spare tire themselves, tire repair kits have become a viable solution in the market place and a growing placement in many flagship platforms. User clinics indicate overwhelming technology acceptance when properly explained and demonstrated for its ease of use and convenience to the spare tire.

Advantages of technology

Ease of Use

Intuitive system with no heavy lifting required. Over 50% of drivers are physically incapable of changing a tire and only 29% has ever changed a tire.

Convenient & Safe

Driver is back on the road in half the time required to change a spare or wait for roadside service. (Repair under 12 minutes)

Dual Functionality

Portable compressor provides ability to top off tires anywhere when TPMS alert signals.

Compact Package

Smaller footprint for more trunk space over spare tire.


80% lighter than carrying a spare tire with tools improve fuel economy.

ITW Global Tire Repair