ITW Air Prince Pro II

The semi-automatic system is intended to provide the end use with all the tools needed for emergency repair of a punctured tire. This kit is designed with simplicity in mind. Semi-automatic systems are a proven technology with years of testing to and customer satisfaction to back up results. The kit consists of two pieces: a multi-use air compressor and single use bottle. The bottle can be replaced at your local dealership for additional temporary repairs.

The package includes a compact 12 volt DC air compressor and a bottle of sealant. To operate the Air Prince Pro II, simply connect the compressor to bottle of sealant, attach sealant bottle to the tire valve, plug into DC outlet and turn switch on. For the OEM market, this kit offers unmatched performance and has met the most stringent automotive specifications.

If your application demands an entry-level kit, a high quality compressor and the simplicity of a semi-automatic system, the Air Prince Pro II and sealant bottle size of your choice, are a perfect fit. All ITW Global Tire Repair products conform to ISO/TS16949, ISO9001:2000 quality standards.

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