Quality and innovation at ITW Global Tire Repair.

ITW Global Tire Repair (ITWGTR) conforms and maintains certification to international standards for quality management, based on IATF 16949 and EN ISO 9001:2015. In addition to these certifications, we have successfully passed a number of audits of well-known domestic and overseas automobile manufacturers. We strive to expand our leading position by following our empirically-built development standards, and continual improvement of our quality performance. Given that quality is the uncompromised fulfilment of all agreed product characteristics and processes in cooperation with our customers, ITWGTR always aims for zero mistakes in the delivery and durability of our products.

In order to secure these demands and to guarantee our customers with consistent high quality in every way, we use various methods to carefully plan for product quality during the development of products, the process of manufacturing, all the way to final delivery to the customer. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and best customer service.

Ian Fletcher

(Vice President/General Manager, ITWGTR)

Developed by ITW Global Tire Repair.

In 2004, the scientists at ITW Global Tire Repair began searching for greener solutions for their tire sealants. Glycerin, a natural compound, derived from animal fats or vegetables was found to be ultimately suited to replace EG and PG. Its hypoallergenic properties were found to be a huge leap ahead for our customers. Another major advantage was the complete bio-degradability of the compound.

ITW Global Tire Repair guarantees quality.

With its expertise and certification, ITW Global Tire Repair guarantees important quality standards to its customers. The quality guarantee is one of the most important secrets of our success. No other company makes its own sealants. Additionally, we maintain customer service centres, engineering and distribution centres in the USA, Germany, China and Japan as global support which is just a telephone call away for you.