Management Policy

For us, quality means recognizing the needs of our customers in good time and fulfilling them with outstanding performance, as well as fully complying with all agreements made with our customers. The customer and increasing customer satisfaction are the focus of our activities.

We are committed to protecting our environment and conserving natural resources. It is our aim to avoid or reduce environmental pollution - even beyond the applicable regulations - to a minimum.

We are also committed to improving our energy-related performance in the long term.

We see the occupational health and safety of our employees and partners as a fundamental goal in the design of our products, processes and workplaces. We take into account applicable laws, standards and regulations as well as secured occupational medicine and occupational science findings.

In order to implement these ideas under optimal economic conditions, we have introduced a continuous integrated management system that meets the requirements of the following standards and regulations:

IATF 16949

ISO 14001

The accompanying management documentation is a binding work basis for all managers and employees of the company.

Based on the determination and evaluation of suitable key figures and targets, we work on a continuous improvement of our described management system.

The completeness and effectiveness of our management system are regularly checked and optimized by neutral internal and external auditors.


Managing Director

William Keller

In accordance with its management policy, ITW Global Tire Repair Europe GmbH as a globally operating company has established the following guidelines, which are valid for all employees at the location:

As part of an integrated and economical management system, we meet the legal and customer-specific requirements with regard to quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety and energy.

Quality, environmental, energy, occupational health and safety awareness is part of every employee's tasks. To build up the necessary knowledge at all levels and to promote the corresponding sense of responsibility is a permanent management task.

We work on the continuous improvement of our products and processes in order to be at the forefront of technical progress.

We develop our production processes according to the principle of "avoiding errors instead of eliminating them" and take into account the effects on quality, environment, energy, health and safety at the earliest possible stage of product and process planning.

We are continuously working on minimizing environmental impact, energy and resource consumption beyond compliance with legal requirements. To this end, we set annual targets and pursue them.

We support the acquisition of energy-efficient products and services designed to improve energy-related performance.

We provide our customers with information on the environmentally friendly and safe use of our products. We work cooperatively with the authorities.

Our corporate culture is characterized by open information and goal-oriented cooperation. We want to maintain open communication with all interested parties.

We influence our contractual partners to act in accordance with management guidelines that are equivalent to our own.

The management of ITW Global Tire Repair Europe GmbH regularly monitors and assesses the effective implementation of this management policy.