ITW Airbox I

The ITW Airbox I is the most compact design of "Automatic" Tire Repair Kits in the market today. This user intuitive design optimizes size and performance to allow for flexibility in vehicle packaging. ITW™s automatic kits integrate both the compressor and sealant in a single architecture minimizing steps in field application and improving the simplicity and accuracy of use.
The Airbox I provides the functionality to provide tire repair or inflation only with a selector switch. Unlike most automatic kits that require two hoses, the ITW Airbox leverages a single hose in either mode. Other features include integrated pressure gauge, pressure relief access, cord storage and optional inflator accessories.
The Airbox I is compatible with all ITW high performance and environmentally sealants that meet the most stringent OEM requirements and can support bottle sizes up to 450ml.
ITW Tire Repair Kits are intended to be used as a temporary mobility solution for flat tire incidents occurring from a maximum puncture size of 6mm located in the tread or shoulder area.

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