Testing capabilities at ITW Global Tire Repair.

Vehicles are outfitted with state-of-the-art measurement equipment that precisely monitor’s speed, distance, tire pressure and tire temperature. The data generated from the equipment tells us exactly how the sealant is performing inside the tire and allows us to focus our development efforts.

Injection of aged sealant into tire fitted custom hub.

Environmental chamber.

ITW Global Tire Repair employs temperature/humidity chambers to test all our products. Our environmental chamber measures 10’ x 10’. Our walk-in chamber model is used for extreme cooling as well as high temperature testing. Contact us to meet your simulation needs in testing extremes in cold and heat on your products. An ITW Global Tire Repair application engineer can assist you in selecting the temperature/humidity test demands that are best designed to your exact specifications.

Chamber temperature range :
-40°C to +70°C (90ºC Max)

Low speed machine

1-20 MPH
1-500 lbs load
Small trailer tires, motorcycles and bicycles

Single position tire test machine

1-60 MPH
1-2500 lbs load
14" to 33" tire diameter

Designed and built by the leading tire and wheel test lab, our single position tire test machine is up to the task of handling OEM specifications.

It's robust components can handle the extremes and provide consistent, reliable results.

Additional testing capabilities.

The tire test machine revolutionizes ITW Global Tire Repair’s ability to conduct tests by simulating temperature conditions and vehicle loads all in a controlled lab setting.

  • - Thermocycling
  • - Puncture
  • - Endurance
  • - Chemical resistance testing
  • - Duty cycle testing
  • - Durability
  • - Noise and vibration
  • - Environmental conditions
  • - Chemical analysis
  • - Materials compatibility
  • - Artificial aging
  • - Solids content
  • - Freeze point
  • - Ship test- drop, burst, vibration
  • - Elongation
  • - Tensile Strength
  • - Hardness
  • - Brittleness
  • - CE/C-tick
  • - Thermal shock testing
  • - RoHS
  • - GADSL
  • - IMDS
  • - pH
  • - Viscosity profiling
  • - QUV